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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

August-September 2022 Graphing of Woodpeckers at Wood Ducks

The end of the Minor League season is upon us, and as always, it leaves me sad.  I still have some opportunities to graph some teams, but the home portion of the Wood Ducks schedule is complete.  This last series with Fayetteville was more eventful than I thought it would be, and I left myself wanting more, as the last out was recorded.
There was a player here on a rehab assignment, Andre Scrubb.  I was only able to get Scrubb one time, since he didn't typically come out with the team, and the rest of the cards I had to get signed came in late on Saturday.  I raided my 2021 Topps set for his base card, and I also had the above 2021 Topps Chrome Anniversary Edition in my stack from the boxes I busted.  Scrubb was really nice; I mentioned to him that we have a mutual friend, Gerard.  I asked him about his breaking boxes, and after he signed for me (while coming off of the field between innings), he came back and handed me six packs of 2021 Chrome Anniversary Edition.  I spread the packs out to the other guys sitting with me, and we had a good time opening the cards.  We didn't pull anything monumental, but had a good time nonetheless.
I got this 2018 Bowman purple parallel signed by Jayson Schroeder.  I had found this card in a box at the National.
I failed to dig deep into Fayetteville's roster prior to the start of the series, so I missed that Ryan Clifford was on the team.  It was ok, though, because I found his cards Tuesday night and had them prepped and ready for the book on Wednesday.  Gerard hooked me up with some Tyler Whitaker cards that also got signed.
Finally, I finished off what I could in Kinston for the Wood Ducks team set.  I need to try to hit the missing guys in Hickory, which is where I may end up going this coming weekend.

In all, I got the following autographs: Demetre Kokoris x 6, Dylan MacLean x 4, Guilder Rodriguez x 5, Jose Rodriguez x 1, Kevin Varitek x 5, Alex Santos x 10, Jayson Schroeder x 2, Andre Scrubb x 2 Tyler Whitaker x 4, Ryan Clifford x 3, Jose Corniell x 1, Gavin Collyer x 1, Yosy Galan x 1, Justin Jacobs x 1, Nick Lockhart x 1, Damian Mendoza x 1, Steve Mintz x 1, Tucker Mitchell x 1, Ian Moller x 1, Efrenyer Narvaez x 5, Abimelec Ortiz x 1, Junior Paniagua x 1, Rachel Purcell x 1, Drew Sannes x 1, Winston Santos x 1, Elazar Konsker x 1, Jackson Leath x 1, Marcus Smith x 1, Emilano Teodo x 1, Cam Cauley x 1, Maximo Acosta x 3, Mitch Bratt x 2 and Anthony Hoopi-Tuionetoa x 1 (72 total autographs).

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