Sunday, July 12, 2015

Yes, we are going!

In just a couple weeks, we will be boarding a plane to Chicago in order to attend the National Sports Collectors Convention.  I bought myself a VIP pass, but I probably will miss the sneak peek on Wednesday, since we land a bit late.  Oh well.

Going to the National was my very good friend, Andrew's idea.  After we met up and hung out last year, he and his family were looking for a reason for all of us to get together again, since we all hit it off so well.  So, the plan is for me to hang with Andrew most of, if not the whole, time while we are there.  I went to the National when it was in Baltimore in 2012 and had a blast.
I purchased several autograph vouchers for this year, the one I may be most excited about is someone I already met before, Brooks Robinson.  Brooks was ill when the National was in Baltimore, so I didn't get a chance to have him sign this photo of us together.  This was shot back in 2009 when my brother, Andy, and I attended the "Evening With Brooks" event in Baltimore.  I had an 8x10 printed of this photo, and want to have Brooks sign it.
I plan on adding at least one new Hall of Fame signed baseball to my collection when we meet Lou Brock.  I have been meaning to get his auto for a while, now, but haven't jumped on one.  Brock was one of the few on the docket that I could afford, that I didn't yet have.  Andrew and I will both be meeting Brooks and Brock.  I also have a ticket for my son to meet Brooks.
I thought I was done buying autograph vouchers until a couple days ago when I saw that Hulk Hogan was a late addition to the lineup.  Actually, he and Ric Flair will both be there, but I have already met Flair twice.  I was really excited to tell Chris, my son, that he would have a chance to meet Hogan.  Hogan was an icon of my childhood, and it will be so cool to meet him and get his autograph.  I also paid for a photo op for Chris, so he can get his picture taken with Hogan.  It cost quite a bit of money, but I think the memory I'm making for him will be worth far more than anything else I could buy with it.

Finally, I have built up a nice budget for the show, and I fully intend to use it on some good stuff.  Hopefully a few signed baseballs, maybe a few vintage cards, but my main goals as far as cards go are really only two: complete the 1959 Topps set, and don't leave the show without the 1992 Donruss Elite Cal Ripken autograph.  Those two goals are easily attainable, and I believe I can accomplish them.

Most of all, I plan on meeting up with a few friends from the blogs and Instagram.  I know I will be able to finally meet my good friend, Max, in person.  We also plan on hanging out with a few others like Caleb, Frankie and many more.

I'm really excited.  I'm counting the days, and have already started gathering up some stuff that I will be bringing along.

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