Saturday, July 25, 2015

Card Show Recap From Days One and Two

I've been set up at the three-day card show in Raleigh this weekend, and so far, the first two days have gone pretty well.  I have already broken even with another day to go.  That is always good, so anything else I sell is bonus.  I met a lot of cool folks today, and even seemed to brighten a few kids' days.

There was a father and two sons who came by my tables today, and we talked at length on two separate occasions.  The boys actually spent quite a bit of money, which I was very appreciative.  I ended up cutting them some great deals on some autographed cards, and even gave them a few Orioles rally towels to try to help out the O's mojo and bring them back into the win column.  I think it worked, since the O's beat the Rays today.  I hope it holds up.  That family was really nice, and I was happy to chat baseball with them.  I hope they come back, and I also hope they read my blog.  You know, since I plugged it all day, to anyone who would listen.  Shameless plugs and all.

They weren't the only group that I had lengthy conversations with; There were other Oriole fans who came by and chatted with me.

My favorite part of doing these shows is the ability to sit and talk cards and baseball with people.  I sincerely enjoy it, and I hope it shows when folks come by.  I told a guy I met at the last show, who I now consider a friend (his name is Dilan), that I have gone to shows for a long time, and I have met several dealers who seem as if you are getting in their way when you want to look at a card.  I do my best to not be like that.

Speaking of Dilan, he came back and chatted with me for a bit.  He came to the last show I did in June, and actually followed up with me afterward, when I gave him one of my business cards.  They paid off.  It was really cool seeing Dilan again, and being able to chat with him for a while.

Also, a true highlight of the day, was being able to finally meet my friend, Ryu, in person.  Ryu, whom I met on Instagram, lives near Raleigh, but has always been busy with baseball when I would come up for shows.  He was finally free on a weekend, and was able to come to the show.  I was really happy to meet him and say hello.  That really made my day.  He's an awesome guy.

I have also had the pleasure of helping a good friend of mine break into selling at this show.  My buddy, Tyler, has been wanting to try to raise some funds to help with tuition, so he thought he could come to the show to sell some cards.  I lent him some space on my table and helped him price cards.  So far, he has sold a little bit, but still has tomorrow to help sell some more.

I had a rule for this weekend's show - Don't buy anything.  Yeah, that lasted a while.  I bought the above Chris Davis 2014 Panini National Treasures patch card for $7 from the dealer next to me.  I saw it yesterday, and he didn't want much for it, so I figured, "Why not?".  The card is numbered 24/25 and looks really cool.

Finally, after a little over a month, my son, Chris, came home from the Grandparents Tour 2015.  He has grown some since he left, and I sure missed him.

I had a really great show so far, and there is still tomorrow to go.  I hope it goes well!

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