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Sunday, June 20, 2021

June 15-17, 2021 Graphing of Cannonballers at Wood Ducks

This past week's graphing was between the Kannapolis Cannonballers and Down East Wood Ducks.  I had bought a couple lots of Perfect Game cards of Cody Freeman and Jayce Easley.  Freeman has been super nice when we have gone to the games.  He has walked up to us a few times and talked to us before games.  The Perfect Game cards look really nice when signed.
Easley has a really nice signature, and his cards look great.  I also bought a green parallel 2020 Bowman Draft of Thomas Saggese, which turned out really well.  The card is numbered 20/99 and didn't cost me a whole lot.
The Jared Kelley cards I got signed turned out really well.  He wasn't on the roster, but was traveling with the team.  I was able to get everything I had signed, and was really happy about it.
I took some 50/50s and these two Panini Prizms were part of my take.  They both turned out great.
I really like these 2019 Bowman Chrome Franchise Futures signed by Matthew Thompson really looks great.  I love these cards, and wish I could complete this one.  I'm hoping I can get someone who will get me Andrew Vaughn cheaply so I can get it done.
I got every Matthew Thompson I had signed, and mixed in a couple other guys who limited.  James Beard was one per, while Lency Delgado was 2 per.
I had gotten John Ely before, but these 2007 Bowmans came out of my card shop boxes.  I also got all of the Andrew Dalquist cards that I had signed.
I even got a Patrick Leyland card that was in my 2019 Delmarva set signed.  I just happened to remember that he was in that set.  He is now a coach for Kannapolis, and was really nice.
Finally, my buddy Dugan let me know that Keyvius Sampson was with Kannapolis on a rehab assignment.  I was able to find a bunch of his cards really quickly, which was nice.  They turned out great.  Sampson was really cool, and signed everything I had.  I was glad to get these cards out of my boxes.

It was tough, since Chris was out of town, but I got some help from Dugan and my buddy Tyler.  I ended up with:

James Beard x 7, Andrew Dalquist x 7, Lency Delgado x 8, Pat Leyland x 1, Bailey Horn x 8, Keyvius Sampson x 10, John Ely x 4, Jared Kelly x 13, Matthew Thompson x 28, Cody Freeman x 10, Leury Tejada x 4, Thomas Saggese x 10, TK Roby x 10, Antonio Cabello x 10, Jayce Easley x 4 and Evan Carter x 1, or 135 autographs total.  Not bad for having limited help and missing 3 games of the series.

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