Monday, November 19, 2018

TTM Success - Joe Borowski

This TTM success from Joe Borowski was nice because it got me a few signed cards from the mid-2000s.  These are years where I don't have a lot of extra base, so some of these guys are hard to come by.  The above 2005 Topps turned out really well, I think.
These are actually two different 2008 Topps.  The top one is the shorter printed gold foil and the bottom is the more common silver foil.
Finally, here is a 2007 Upper Deck.  I remember busting a box of this way back when, and really enjoying this set.

Borowski (b. 1971) played in the majors from 1995 to 1998 and 2001 to 2008 for the Orioles, Braves, Yankees, Cubs, Devil Rays, Marlins and Indians.  He had a career record of 22-34 with 372 strike outs and a 4.18 ERA.  He led the league in saves in 2007 with 45.  He also had a 5.07 ERA that season, so he must have had quite a few clunkers as well.

I mailed to Borowski on September 10 and got the cards back on September 28, for an 18-day TAT.

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