Thursday, April 24, 2014

Awesome 2014 Topps Museum Collection Chris Davis Patch

Thanks to my very good friend, Andrew, I was able to find this amazing 2014 Topps Museum Collection Chris Davis patch card on Ebay.  Something really cool about the card, that I didn't catch right away, was that it was numbered 53/99.  Chris Davis hit 53 home runs last year.  EBAY 1 OF 1 BABY!

As you can see, the card is amazing.  It has part of one of the sleeve patches, likely the Maryland flag portion.  The card scanned really nice, as well.  It did set me back quite a bit, but I didn't care.  The card is amazing and I'm glad I have it.

Thanks for spotting it for me Andrew.

Speaking of Andrew, he is having a contest over at his blog.  Who doesn't want free cards?  That's right, so head on over there and sign up.  Maybe you'll get something cool for free from an awesome guy!  You can find his blog right here.

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