Sunday, April 6, 2014

An Instagram Trade With Peter

This trade took some work, but I finally got it completed.  I'm really glad, too, because I knew the guy I was trading with was a good guy, he just ran into some issues completing the deal.  Anyway, I got a total of 15 1969 Topps cards from a kid named Peter from Instagram.  They are a bit lower-grade, but most of them will be able to fill my set, since I can't afford to do Mint vintage.

In the package, I got 10 cards I could use, and 5 others were too rough, like the John Roseboro, since it had a piece of tape on the bottom.  I might flip the 5 I wont use to some other kids on Instagram in a small deal, or I may flip them to other bloggers, if there is any interest.

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