Sunday, April 13, 2014

Instagram Pickup - 2002 Topps FInest Brooks Robinson Auto

Here is another card in what is becoming a long line of cards that I have gotten from trades and/or purchases off of Instagram.  I got this 2002 Topps Finest Brooks Robinson auto off of a guy who, with his cousin, are the first people I met off of there that are actually from NC.  Pretty cool, right?

Sadly, though, they are from the Wilmington area, so that 2 hours or so drive rules out any kind of trade day or anything like that.  I'm really hoping I can organize something soon, because I would really love to do some more in person dealing, but I can't afford the table prices at the card shows.

Anyway, this card is SHARP!  I paid $15 Paypal for it, and I know I probably could have gotten it maybe a hair cheaper, but I don't care.  The card is really nice and now its mine!  I can't believe how I didn't know about this one before now.  I love the bold colors of it and don't look now, but its an 'on card' auto!

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