Monday, April 21, 2014

Instagram Trade With Tim

My wife keeps telling me that I need to find some trade partners who are closer to my age.  She may be right.  I think the average age of the folks I trade with is something like 14, but recently, I met a guy on Instagram named Tim who had something I really wanted (see above).  Does it matter that I met Tim through his son, Carson, who is 11?  Nah, I don't think so.

Anyway, Tim's son Carson is a huge Roberto Clemente fan and he was in love with a card I had posted as not for sale or trade on Instagram a few months ago.  Well, everything has its price and the price for that Clemente (and a few other cards) was this 1969 Topps Mickey Mantle for my set.  As you can see, the Mantle is almost flawless.  It is slightly offcenter, but I'm ok with it.

This is Mantle's last regular issue Topps card and it is a High Number (I think, since it is card #500).  I am happy to add it to my collection.
Tim also added some oddball Orioles cards to the trade package that grew out of the Mantle and took on a life of its own.  I was able to snag all of this stuff by meeting a lot of Tim and his kid's needs with several autographs and relics from recent Topps offerings (and one Donruss auto as well). This above Kellogg's Jim Palmer is especially nice, since most of them curl and crack over time.
Tim helped me knock off a 1959 set need with this Orioles team card.  Not too bad condition, either.
Another big piece in the trade was this Cal Ripken Award Winners manufactured relic.  I had been looking at these for a while but I hadn't been able to jump on any.  So, now I don't have to.
Here's another oddball Oriole, this Jiffy Pop Eddie Murray from 1986.  This is a really cool card.

So, thanks for the epic trade, Tim, I really appreciate it.  I know we will do some more trading soon.

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