Sunday, November 24, 2013

COMC Pickup - 2006 Topps Chrome Brian Roberts Black Parallel

Numbered 391/549, I got this 2006 Topps Chrome black parallel off of COMC for $0.55.  Not bad for a black refractor.  I always liked 2006 Topps.  It is the first issue of Topps that I was around for in its debut since i got back into collecting in 2005.  I got back in the middle of 2005, so I wasn't there for the debut of '05 Topps.  It was kind of plain anyway.  2006 was really cool because of the more complex borders, etc.  It kind of stands out in the mid 2000s set offerings in my opinion, and it looks really good in the Chrome variety.

I need to go back and take a look through my 2006 set and see the names that showed up in there.  I can't even begin to name off any of the good rookies in there, with the exception of the oddball Alex Gordon card/non card that popped up.

Now, this card itself, looks really cool with the black and orange and matching up with Roberts's uniform.  I'm enjoying this card quite a bit for sure.  Especially for 55 cents!

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