Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Results From Andrew's Box Break

I got my package from Andrew today, which were my spoils from his 2013 Topps Update box break.  In it, I got the Orioles and my random team was the Braves.  I ended up with an Emerald Chris Davis, which I needed.  I'm glad I didn't buy one.  I still need most of his others but this one is a good start.
The biggest highlight of the box break was my being able to get this Manny Machado relic.  It is only fitting, since I pulled an Adam Wainwright in my box and Andrew got the Machado.  I guess I need to trade him the Wainwright to make things even.
Finally, I added a couple new Cal Ripkens to my collection, one of which is the above Ripken/Machado card.  Pretty awesome card with two excellent players.

I feel like I made out pretty well in Andrew's box break.  I kind of think that I need to do one myself pretty soon.  I have these dreams that my first box break will be this epic undertaking, but maybe I just need to get something more contemporary and let er rip.  We'll see.

Now, as for the Braves cards I got, I wonder what I'll be doing with them...?

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