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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cards From Tom

I got an email recently from Tom over at "Angels in Order" saying that he had a few cards for me that would fit into my set needs.  He emailed me the card numbers, but when I got them, I didn't realize that the two 1969 Topps cards he had were the above Hall of Famer, Al Lopez and the below Jim "Mudcat" Grant.  I actually have a post I am planning on doing concerning Grant.  I always forget that Lopez is a Hall of Famer, so I will likely be getting one of his signed baseballs sometime soon.
These are definitely some nice 1969 Topps cards, that's for sure.  Check out the airbrushing on Grant's hat.

I need to get over to Tom's blog and try to knock out some of his needs, especially since he sent me this stuff uncolicited, which I really enjoy.  Not only did Tom send me these two 1969s that I needed, but he also sent me 3 2013 Topps Emeralds for that set as well.  Thanks so much, Tom!

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