Sunday, February 24, 2013

Trading With GCRL

Another trade package was received yesterday when a mailer arrived from Jim over at GCRL.  I will be sending him the 2013 Topps black parallel Andre Ethier and 2013 Topps Matt Kemp SP on Monday.  In return, he sent me one 1959 Topps (above), the below O's Win the 1966 World Series from 1967 Topps, 7 1969 Topps and a few 2013 Topps Emeralds.
I really like this 1967 Topps 1966 World Series Highlights.  This will count in my Brooks Robinson PC as you can see him to the left leaping in the air.  He looks like he is flying!
I like this 1969 Topps Manny Mota due to it being awesomely airbrushed, as you can see the logo in his hat has been airbrushed out, but he is clearly wearing a Pirates jersey.
I can take a few more Emeralds off of my wishlist.  I need to count them again and see how much closer I am to completing Series One.  I know I'm not doing too bad.  I need to keep it up, as far as trades go, though.
Finally, another Brooks Robinson to add to my PC.  This is a 2001 Topps Tribute, which, surprisingly, I did not have in my collection.

Thanks for the trade, Jim.  I hope to get by the Post Office tomorrow and send your stuff on its way.

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