Monday, February 18, 2013

RIP Sophie Kurys

I found out that former AAGPBL player, Sophie Kurys, passed away yesterday at the age of 87.  She was one of the greatest female players to ever play the game of baseball.  She stole 201 bases in 1946 as a member of the Racine Belles.
More and more players from the AAGPBL, and Negro Leagues as well, are leaving us.  It is greatly important that we remember these folks and their contributions to the game because, soon, they will only live on in our stories and photos, etc.
I got a signed ball TTM from Ms. Kurys back in June and I sure am glad that I took the time to write her a letter and request that I have my ball signed.  I remember being really excited when I got the ball back and it still stands as one of my top 5 TTM successes.

Rest in peace, Ms. Kurys.  You will definitely be missed!

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