Sunday, October 28, 2012

Another Reimold - 2009 Topps Update Black

I wasn't kidding when I said I really attacked my want list recently.  I grabbed a 2009 Topps Black Nolan Reimold the other day for $9.99.  Again, this is his rookie card, so I'm trying to complete the 'rainbow' of that year.
Who am I kidding?  I'm trying to complete the 'rainbow' of every year.  I think I've done pretty well.  Unless I find a printing plate of 2009 Topps, I'm pretty much done with this year.  I bought the gold parallel off of COMC, so when I buy a couple more cards to justify shipping, I'll take delivery of it.  I also found someone who has the 2010 Black Parallel, which has been the hardest one for me to find, so I'll probably grab that next week.  Once I take care of that, I think I will concentrate some more on HOF autos, but who knows, something may jump out at me and I'll have to get it.

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