Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ebay Pickup - 2012 Topps Black Nolan Reimold

Things are a bit quiet around here, since the Orioles are done for the season.  I decided to hit up Ebay the other day and see about knocking some cards off of my want list.  I got two cards and the first one arrived today.
I got this 2012 Topps Black Nolan Reimold 47/61 for $12.00 plus $2.00 shipping.  Most of what I'm looking at for my Reimold PC is starting to get a little expensive.  I'm trying to knock out a lot of his parallels and I feel like I'm well on my way.

Stay tuned to the blog to see the next card I picked up.  It will look alarmingly similar to this one, but the price was double.  You'll find out why soon!

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Ryan H said...

I'm intrigued, what could it be?