Saturday, October 6, 2012

Publications Are Starting to Notice The Orioles

When I went to Baltimore last week, I was happy to carry along with me a copy of the USA Today Sports Weekly to give to my good friend Ryan.  My wife had told me about the issue and how Buck Showalter was on the cover.  Well, that wasn't the only publication that the Orioles graced the cover of recently.
Sports Illustrated featured Orioles Outfielders Endy Chavez, Adam Jones and Nick Markakis on their cover in their most recent issue.  I picked up a copy on the way back to Ryan's Saturday night after the game.  I can't remember the last time I saw the Orioles on the cover of SI.  The cool thing is, I actually have 2 copies of this issue now because Monday when I got to work, my friend Rae had a copy waiting for me.
I'm certain that the Orioles' recent surge has assisted the Baltimore Sun in selling a few more copies.  Most newspapers are struggling at the moment.  Again, I can't remember the last newspaper I purchased for anything other than coupons, so when I saw this front page, I had to get a copy.
Finally, here is the USA Today Sports Weekly featuring Buck on the cover.  I bought 3 copies of this and gave one to Ryan.  I plan on giving the other copy to one of our subcontractors who always talks to me about the Orioles.

It feels really good that the Orioles are starting to get some attention.  The certain 4-letter network still probably can't believe their beloved Red Sox aren't in the playoffs and still sell the Orioles short.  On XM on Friday, the commentators were giving the Orioles 'no chance' to advance past the Rangers in the playoffs and were calling Buck's decision to start Joe Saunders last night a bad decision.  I'm so happy they are proving people wrong.  I hope all of this continues and the Orioles keep getting the ink.


Ryan H said...

Thanks for picking up that Sports Weekly for me. Too bad we couldn't find any Natty Boh in that convenience store. IN BUCK WE TRUST!

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, Mrs. Shlabotnik noticed that the photo on SI is from a few months ago; Chavez is wearing #9, which is now McLouth's number.