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Monday, October 15, 2012

Second Trade With Joe Average Collector

This trade with Jason from the blog titled Joe Average Collector was nowhere near as epic as our first encounter, but he did manage to hook me up with some much needed 2010 Heritage Chromes for my PCs.
First was this 2010 Topps Heritage Chrome Black Refractor of Adam Jones numbered 57/61.  I don't have too many black refractors, so this one was a nice addition.  I have been looking up Reimold black refractors and black parallels and have learned that they definitely carry a sizable premium, so being able to trade for this was really nice.
Jason also sent me this 2010 Topps Heritage Chrome Nolan Reimold numbered 1,052/1,961.  Another Reimold knocked off of my want list (which I have updated, by the way).

What did I trade him, you might be wondering?  Well, I saved my Jesus Montero auto from my wife wanting to burn it and sent it on to Jason.  Now it will be in a home, free from my wife's vindictive hands.

Thanks for the trade Jason.  I hope you enjoy the Montero.

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