Saturday, November 13, 2010

Virgil Trucks TTM Part 2 - The Book

So, after I got my awesome TTM back from Virgil Trucks (which you can read about here), I thought I should send him a thank you note and a check for $30 for a copy of his book.
The book arrived today, which was a really nice surprise in my mailbox when I got home. Inside the book were two autographed cards, like the one seen below. Since my wife is from Detroit, I'm giving her the other one.
Also, inside the book, Mr. Trucks left me a note thanking me again for ordering the book, wishing me well for the holidays and saying that it was his pleasure to sign the book for me, which he did. So, by my math (courtesy of UNC-Charlotte), that's 7 Virgil Trucks autographs. I'm just amazed at how awesome this guy has been. Words cannot describe what an asset Mr. Trucks is to baseball, and to America. I encourage everyone to send Mr. Trucks a note of appreciation for his contribution to the game. At 93 years old, he is definitely giving back to the game that he loves. Thank you Virgil Trucks for being such a gracious person!!! I hope you all enjoy!

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Drew said...

Sweet stuff! Hows the book?