Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hidden in my Collection - 1967 Topps Mickey Mantle

For all of the Yankee fans out there, here is a pretty cool card that I have in my collection, the 1967 Topps Mickey Mantle. This was the second Mantle that I added to my collection. I also have his 1962 Topps. I came about this card at the shop when someone brought their collection in. They weren't really sure of what they had, so I quickly glanced through the box and offered a price, which the seller gladly accepted, so I took some of my money and bought it off of him.
Totally worth it. You kind of feel guilty when you buy a collection off of someone who doesn't know what they have, but they were more than happy getting a little bit of cash in exchange for some closet space. I looked through the box and was pleasently surprised by what was really in there. There was this card, plus a couple 1957 Topps cards that I will show off later, and also the 1956 Clemente and Koufax. Not a bad haul.
I'm hoping that one day, someone will bring in an old shoebox and sell it to make room in the closet, and inside will be the 1952 Topps Mantle. Ohh, I wait for that day.


Hackenbush said...

Not a bad haul? I'd say!

Drew said...

Dude, that is an unbelievable card! Congrats