Thursday, November 18, 2010

1970 Topps Mailday

Because I felt like I had been neglecting some of my set building lately, I bought a few 1970 Topps off of Ebay. I took a look at the ones I needed and decided that I should try to knock a few of the remaining big names off of my list. All of the cards look great, they only appear off center because of my scanning program.
I picked up this sweet Ernie Banks for $15. Not bad, the back looks great, almost brand new, in my opinion. I was surprised that I still needed the Banks. Oh well, I have it now.
I kind of figured I didn't have the below Frank Robinson. Seeing as it is a high number, it made sense that I didn't have it yet. I was just biding my time until I saw a decent looking one at a reasonable price, and I got this one for $10. Definitely not bad.

I also picked up the below Willie Horton. He was a really good player in his day. I got him for $2.50.

Finally, I picked up a really sharp looking checklist. Unmarked, of course.

So, I knocked 4 more cards off of my list. I'm getting ever so close to completing this set. If it weren't for the high numbers, I'd have been able to afford to complete this a long time ago. Johnny Bench and Al Kaline are the two biggest names left.


Drew said...

awesome stuff dude! really like the look of the robinson!

Flash said...

It's amazing how you can rarely find a checklist unmarked from back in the day. We just throw them out now-a-days. I've had a few from my '75 set that I've had to replace because of that.