Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ebay Pickup - 1949 Bowman Bob Feller

Check this out! I got this 1949 Bowman Bob Feller off of ebay the other day! I know it's pretty rough, but I don't care. I think the color is still sharp and it sure pops off the page, doesn't it?
You guys all know that I am a big Feller fan, so, now I have his: '48, '49, '50 and '52 Bowman cards. I'm really happy that I have been able to add to my Feller collection pretty cheaply. I really like this offering from Bowman, and some other vivid vintage stuff such as 1954 Topps, 1955 Topps, 1950-1953 Bowman. I think my scanner does a good job of capturing the color and it shows on my blog!

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Play at the Plate said...

That card has a lot of character. Nice pickup.