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Thursday, May 5, 2022

TTM Success - Eduardo Rodriguez

My good friend, Gerard, and his brother have been setting up more private signings recently.  One of the ones that I was able to get a return from was former Oriole, Eduardo Rodriguez.  I had this 2014 Bowman Platinum green refractor in my Orioles box for a long time, and finally sent it out for signature.  When the cards came back, a lot of hate was thrown their way for the quality of the autograph that Rodriguez put on the card.  I thought a lot of that was unfounded, since the promoters can't control how a person signs their name.  It is Rodriguez's autograph, love it or hate it.  I, personally, am glad I have the signed cards to put in my album.  Other people can just choose not to engage in a Rodriguez signing; it's that simple.
I also got this 2022 Topps signed.  Ridriguez's signature does show up better on this card, but again, I didn't have an issue with it in the first place.

Rodriguez (b. 1993) has played in the majors since 2015 (missing the 2020 season with COVID and other health issues) for the Red Sox and Tigers.  He has a career record of 64-41 with 915 strike outs and a 4.19 ERA.  He won the World Series with the Red Sox in 2018.  He finished 6th in the AL Cy Young race in 2019.

I mailed to the signing on January 31 and got the cards back on March 11, for a 39-day TAT.

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