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Monday, May 30, 2022

May 2022 Graphing of Woodpeckers at Wood Ducks

Another series is in the books, along with a bunch of signed cards.  The Wood Ducks won the series 5-1 and I finally got some 2022 Bowman in.

I hit up Sportlots for a few Dickie Joe Thon cards, and they all turned out great.  I got three different 2011 Bowman Platinum chrome parallels, and two 2011 Bowman Chromes.  I was really happy with how all of these turned out.
I thought I had some Thons somewhere, but I was never able to find them.  Sportlots made it easy, and now these cards are put away in the album.
I was really happy to see Vincent Blue on the coaching staff, as I had his 2007 Bowman ever since that set came out.  I also had these Jayson Schroeders in my boxes for quite a while.
I didn't have any Logan Cernys until late in the week, but did end up finishing everything I had gotten in by Sunday.  Alex Santos was really tough, but we did have a nice conversation on Sunday to make up for him bypassing Chris the other day, insisting he had signed for Chris the day before, even thought Chris missed that game due to work.
My Steve Mintz Auckland Tuatara card finally came in, and I promptly got it signed.  This is from when he managed in New Zealand a few years ago.
The 2022 Bowmans came rolling in, as well, and I got a 2022 Bowman Chrome blue ray wave refractor and a purple paper parallel of Jose Rodriguez signed, along with my 2022 Bowman Chrome and a Bowman paper.
I also was able to add a Maximo Acosta 2022 Bowman and Bowman Chrome to the album.  The 2021 Panini Prizm blue parallel of Mitch Bratt came from Gerard.
I had misplaced this Cam Cauley Bowman paper from 2021 in my box, but found it before the series ended.  It got signed, and turned out nicely.  Gerard sent me these 2021 Prizms as part of a 50/50 and I was able to keep these of Cauley and Ian Moller.

In all, I got the following autos: Logan Cerny x 8, Jose Rodriguez x 15, Alex Santos x 5, Guilder Rodriguez x 2, Maximo Acosta x 7, Cam Cauley x 6, Ian Moller x 6, Steve Mintz x 2, Leury Tejada x 2, Jayson Schroeder x 13, Mitch Bratt x 3, Dylan MacLean x 1, Vincent Blue x 2 and Joe Thon x 5 (77 total autographs)

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