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Monday, May 16, 2022

Some 50/50s Back From Gerard

My good friend, Gerard, went on a trip this past week to Asheville, and took a few 50/50s to help move some cards out of my boxes.  These were mostly guys that I missed who either didn't come through Fayetteville, or didn't have these cards when they did.  

The above 2020 Panini Prizm Zach Daniels turned out nicely.  I'm pretty sure he just didn't play in Fayetteville; I don't remember him there, at least.  I also don't remember how I got this card, but I like it and am glad it is being added to my album.
Gerard got me several Daniels cards signed, which was great.  I have added so many 2021 Topps Heritage Minors cards to the album recently.  It is a nice set, and the cards look great signed.
J. C. Correa didn't have cards when he came through Fayetteville, so it was nice to get a couple of his cards signed and into the album.
Jordan Brewer did come through, and I had gotten his 2020 Heritage Minors signed before.  I don't remember seeing Colin Barber, however.
Gerard also got a few cards signed by Greenville Drive's Matthew Lugo.  These cards turned out nicely, as well.

Thanks for taking the 50/50, Gerard.  I hope you had a great trip!

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