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Sunday, May 1, 2022

Graphing Recap of April 2022 Mudcats at Wood Ducks

Another homestand has come and gone, this one being an eventful one between regional rivals, the Carolina Mudcats and Down East Wood Ducks.  Usually, there isn't much of a rivalry; but this series saw benches and bullpens clear twice, and a lot of chirping going on.  Luckily, no one really came to blows, and only one person was ejected (that I saw).

I was able to get a lot of cards signed, and finished off all of what I had for the Mudcats.  The above 2021 Bowman Draft chrome mojo parallel of Eduardo Garcia is one I actually pulled myself, so it was nice to get it signed.
Several of the Mudcats have cards, and the signature I liked the most was Hendry Mendez on the 2022 Bowman First Edition.  He has a cool signature, and I was glad a fellow Instagrammer sent two, so I could get one signed.  He also sent several Hedbert Perez cards, one of which is the 2021 Bowman Draft Chrome shown above.
I ordered a Jeferson Quero Ray Wave parallel from Ebay, and it turned out great, even though Quero's signature looks like a bike.
My friend, Gerard, sent an assortment of Guilder Rodriguez cards, and I got a good many of them signed.  I have a bunch left, still, but those can be gotten over the course of the next few months.
I added a 2022 Bowman First Edition of Maximo Acosta, as well as his 2021 Bowman Chrome.  I also picked up a few Jose Rodriguez 2022 Bowman First Editions off of Ebay, so I could add him to the album.
Finally, Gerard ordered a few Dylan MacLeans to be delivered to the house, and they got here in time to be added to the book to get signed.  Dylan even liked the color parallel.

I had a good time this series, even with the jawing back and forth between the two teams.  It is a long season, and I think there will still be some animosity when the Mudcats come back to town.

In all, I got the following signatures this series:  Guilder Rodriguez x 14, Jeferson Quero x 28, Eduardo Garcia x 18, Leury Tejada x 6, Dylan MacLean x 11, Hendry Mendez x 2, Hedbert Perez x 11, Arbert Cipion x 6, Maximo Acosta x 8, Jose Rodriguez x 7 and Micah Bello x 1 (112 total signatures).

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