Monday, January 27, 2020

Reds Caravan 50/50 Return From Kaleb and Josh

My friends Kaleb and Josh went to Reds Caravan last weekend and got me some autographs.  The above 1987 Topps Eric Davis was actually something Kaleb had extra from a Reds Caravan from years past.  I actually had provided him this card to get signed, before I was working on the 1987 set, and before I was doing 50/50s with people.
Kaleb had a bunch of stuff that he wanted to get signed, so he had my friend, Josh, get my cards signed, which was really nice.  The above 2016 Heritage Minors Lucas Sims was one I had left over from my trip to Louisville last year.  I'm glad it finally got signed.

The Aristides Aquino was one I found recently at my LCS, but it was the only card of him that I could find.

Thanks for getting these signed, Kaleb and Josh!

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