Sunday, January 12, 2020

2020 Wood Ducks Hot Stove Event Graphing Recap

The annual Down East Wood Ducks Hot Stove Event has come and gone.  This year, former Woodies manager, Corey Ragsdale; new manager, Joshua Johnson; Rangers pitcher, Jeffrey Springs and Rangers prospect, Tyler Phillips were on hand to share some BBQ and talk baseball in Kinston for a couple of hours.
I had to get on Ebay to get most of the cards that I brought to the event, since someone in Texas lost my Phillips team set cards, and I was out of stuff for Corey Ragsdale.  I had a couple Hickory team set cards for Johnson; and a couple Jeffrey Springs cards.  I also took a 50/50 for my friend, Gerard, and my friend, Drake, sent me his only Springs to get signed for him.
I had to get some help to finish all of the Springs cards, since I found so many.  I was able to finish my 2019 Heritage card alreay signed by Jose Trevino.  The Gypsy Queens turned out really well, also.
I found out that Rags will be in the dugout during Rangers games this season, which is really awesome.  I'll have to keep an eye out while watching their games and see if I can see him.

We had a really good time.  I didn't spend any money this year, as I got to talking and wasn't paying attention to the silent auction bids that I had laid out.  Oh, well, that might be for the best anyway.

The roundtable discussions were great.  Chris and I sat at a table with our friend, Billy, and also Jordan, a guy who writes for the Kinston newspaper.  We all were able to fire off a few questions for the panel, such as MLBs proposal to cut 42 MILB teams, who Phillips and Springs veteran influences were on the Rangers, etc.  That might be what I enjoy the most about the event.

Now, I'm ready for the 2020 season to begin!


Jamie Meyers said...

You're fortunate to have a local milb team that is fan friendly and brings in folks for those kinds of events that you'd want to see and meet. None of the local teams in southern New England do that. Hartford is charging $50 a whack to meet their manager and a couple of guys who aren't likely to make the bigs. The other teams don't even hold a Hot Stove. Blah. Hopefully your club isn't one of the 42 they are looking to sacrifice to make up for having to pay the players minimum wage.

Fuji said...

I like the signed stadium card. I'd love to get Bob Melvin to sign my Oakland Coliseum card.