Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Christmas Gift From Ben

The Christmas gifts really rolled in during the days leading up to my tour of NC (driving across the state to various houses to visit family).  One of the packages that came in was from my good friend, Ben, who I have been talking to and trading with for quite a while, now.

Ben has been really busy lately, so we haven't been able to talk as much, but every time we do, it is always a good time.

Ben sent me some nice cards, but the highlight of the package was this 2003 Fleer Avant Brooks Robinson auto numbered 149/300.  I had never seen these before.  The card is very clean and looks sharp.  I bet they have some other nice autos in this set.  I obviously didn't have it, so it will take a spot in my Brooks PC.

Thank you for the package, and your friendship, Ben!  I know you're a busy dude, so we will just enjoy the short time we are able to talk that much more.  Thanks buddy!

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