Thursday, January 21, 2016

Purchase From Frankie - 2015 Topps Museum Collection Quad Relic

As I laid in bed at my in-laws' house Christmas night, I browsed Instagram while I waited to fall asleep.  On Instagram I saw that my friend, Frankie, had posted this nice 2015 Topps Museum Collection quad relic of Orioles Nelson Cruz, Jonathan Schoop, Adam Jones and Chris Davis.  I liked his price, so I jumped on Paypal immediately and sent him a payment.  I texted him right after that and told him I had purchased the quad.  I loved Frankie's response when he texted back saying "I knew you would want that card!"

So, I was able to help my friend out a bit by making a purchase from him and I got another Museum Collection card to add to my Chris Davis PC.  This card is numbered 25/99 and has a nice 3-color piece of Adam Jones's jersey (the one patch on the card).  Cruz is a piece of bat, while Davis and Schoop are both jersey swatches.

I only had two other quad relics of these guys on 2015 Museum Collection.  Those are numbered /25 and /75.  With this one numbered /99, I now have three different serial number series.  Not bad.

Thanks for the deal, Frankie!

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