Thursday, January 28, 2016

Orioles Trade With Dylan

I completed a trade recently with my buddy, Dylan, when I sent him a Bowman Sterling auto and a bunch of Red Sox prospect cards in exchange for a bunch of Orioles cards.  This Cal Ripken from 2014 Triple Threads is one that I didn't have, yet, and was happy to add to my collection.  It is numbered 1/50.  Dylan also included a bunch of other Cals that I think I needed for the collection, but I am really not sure.  It will take a miracle for me to log all of the Cals into my spreadsheet.  I don't know if I ever will have the time for that.
Another cornerstone to our deal was this Frank Robinson ring card from 2014 Topps.  I looked around, and I have been adding quite a few decent F. Robinson cards lately.  I still contend that he is one of the most underrated Hall of Famers there is.  He really was one of the all-time greats, and I think he kind of gets overlooked a lot of the time.

Thank you for the deal, Dylan!  Not only did he hook me up in this deal, but a couple days later, I got an unopened 2015 Topps Orioles team set, which I haven't been able to find around here.  That was really awesome of him!

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