Sunday, January 17, 2016

Christmas Gift From Jack

I got a surprise Christmas care package recently from an Instagram follower named Jack.  I have chatted with him and his cousin, Nathan here and there.  They're both really good people, but I was still surprised that Jack thought enough of me to send me something for Christmas.

Inside the package was a bunch of Orioles parallels, like the above Zach Britton gold from 2015 Topps.  This one is numbered 1952/2015.
Another card in the package was this 2014 Topps Chris Davis gold parallel numbered 142/2014.  I'm still very excited that Davis will be coming back to the O'd for this season and beyond.  I'm really interested in seeing how his career will play out.
This 2013 Topps Opening Day Davis blue parallel also looks really nice.  This is numbered 219/2013.

Like I said, I was surprised to be getting anything from Jack.  He is a really nice guy, and I need to do some more trading with him and his cousin.  Thanks so much for the care package, Jack!

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