Friday, November 13, 2015

Welcome Back, Matt

Well,  I really thought he was going to sign with the Braves this offseason, but since they re-signed AJ Pierzynski, they didn't have much of a need for Matt Wieters.  The market for him was shrinking, so he decided to accept the Orioles' qualifying offer.  Not a bad decision, Wieters will be making 15.8 million dollars next year.

Having him back is a good thing for the Orioles, especially since Dan Duquette said today that Wieters accepting the offer won't affect their attempts to re-sign Chris Davis.  According to Roch Kubatko, Wieters said that he now plans to call the other remaining Oriole free agents and do what he can to convince them to stay (come on, Chris Davis and Darren O'Day!!).

I'm glad that Wieters will be back and I am also glad that Duquette has said that the Orioles intend to continue to talk extension with him.

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