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Friday, May 15, 2015

Care Package From Dylan - 1968 Topps Brooks Robinson

I got a nice package in the mail yesterday from a new friend, Dylan, whom I have sent a few cards to recently.  He is a Yankees fan, and also collect big-name prospects.  I figured that since we had been chatting a bunch, and hadn't made a deal yet, I would still send him a small care package for his birthday.  So, when his birthday rolled around, I sent him a couple vintage cards and in return, Dylan picked this up for me at his LCS.

I really didn't expect Dylan to send me this nice 1968 Topps Brooks Robinson, but when he showed me the picture, I was happy nonetheless.  I already had one in my Brooks PC, but I needed one for the set.  Although I haven't started the set, yet, it still is never too early to knock off the big names.

Thank you so much for the card, Dylan.  You really didn't have to reciprocate a care package, as yours was for your birthday!  Thanks anyway, it is greatly appreciated!

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