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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Gift From Conrad - 1971 Dell Baseball Stamps Brooks Robinson

On my return trip with Mom to the Columbia Antique Shop, my intention was to not buy anything else, since I had spent so much on my Banks RC, 59 Topps set needs and the DiMaggio ball.  I did see the above Brooks Robinson in one of the cases that were off to the side.  I figured, it wasn't priced at a whole lot, so I could pick it up for myself, you know, since I did go all the way back there.

While Mom was discussing the Mantle and Jackie with Conrad, he told me he was just going to give me this card, since I was such a loyal customer.

That was really appreciated.  I have actually recommended his shop to a lot of people, and just this week, I have had two of my Instagram followers tell me that they went to his shop, just because of the stories that I have told about it.

This card is a 1971 Dell Baseball Stamps (according to Ebay).  Apparently, they are a tough find, and that makes sense, since I hadn't seen one before I got this one.

So, thank you for the gist, Conrad!  Another nice Brooks Robinson in my collection.

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