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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Trade With Trevor - Manny Machado Auto and a Game Used Ball

My buddy, Trevor, went to the second game of the season this year when the Orioles were in Tampa.  He did some "graphing" before the game and came away with a Manny Machado signed baseball.  Manny's signature has become more and more simplistic over the last few years, resulting in what you see above.

Still, it is really nice, and it didn't take me much to get it from Trevor.  I just hooked him up with several Reds relics and autographs that he wanted.
Trevor also caught a game used baseball that was thrown over the fence at the end of the 8th inning.  That's not where the story ends, though.

Trevor called me on the phone after he caught the ball.  While he was on the phone with me, someone ran onto the field and delayed the game.  As the person was running around, avoiding security, Trevor gave me a play by play.  Finally, the person was apprehended, and brought into the area where Trevor was standing (still on the phone with me).  He later showed me a YouTube video of the altercation, and he can be seen standing off to the side (and on the phone - with me).

He sent me a screenshot of that moment on the video, but I have since cleaned off my phone.  I thought it was really cool, though.

Thanks for the deal, Trevor!

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