Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Gift From Andrew - Huge PC Pickups

I got my Christmas gift in today from my very close friend, Andrew, from the blog - Andrew's Baseball Cards.  He really hooked me up this year with some great PC additions like the above 2006 Just Minors Nolan Reimold auto, numbered 11/25.  Wow.  Nolan's wife sometimes reads my blog, so I'm wondering if she is liking Nolan's hair in this shot, haha!
Another really awesome card that Andrew sent me was this game used bat relic card of Chris Davis from 2014 Tier One.  This is numbered 178/249.  I didn't have either of these, yet, so I was really happy Andrew sent them my way.

Andrew also knocked three cards off of my 2013 Topps Emerald set, and seven cards off of my 2014 Chrome set (and he also sent me the 2014 Chrome base Chris Davis that was missing from my PC).

Thanks so much, buddy!  I really enjoy the cards!

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