Monday, December 22, 2014

Mail From _Ultimatecards - 2014 Topps Heritage Adam Jones Red Parallel

I got a huge stack of Orioles cards in the mail a few weeks ago.  I had a bunch of them, but one of the ones I didn't have was this Adam Jones red parallel from 2014 Heritage.  The cards came from my buddy Drew, who's instagram handle is _ultimatecards.

I can't remember what I sent him, but Drew hooked me up.  A lot of the cards were base Orioles, and a few parallels.  These color parallels from Heritage are tough to get, from what I've seen.  I hadn't seen the red parallel until now.

Thanks so much for the cards, Drew!

By the way, I added my Chris Davis haves list to Google Docs and put a link on my wishlist.  Go take a look when you get a chance.  I'd like to be able to add some other PC players at some point.  It takes a lot of work, but I should at least be able to add Nolan Reimold pretty soon.  We'll see.

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