Sunday, December 28, 2014

Gee, Thanks Mom

One of the things about opening presents from my mom, you always have to watch out for the occasional gag gift.  This year was no different when I opened a present that contained a box of vinyl records.  Rolling my eyes as I pass by a "bagpipes and drums", Lawrence Welk, "Polka Favorites" and eliciting a WTF with the above Liberace album, I happened upon the actual prize inside the box.
This copy of Pearl Jam's "Lost Dogs" on vinyl.  This is a rare, hard-to-find album that my brother spotted at a used music store for an exorbitant price.  Luckily, now, I own it, and I can listen to Yellow Ledbetter (and Dirty Frank) on my record payer.  Score!

The best part is, the joke is on you, Mom.  I looked at the Liberace album and noticed that song #1 is the Theme from the Godfather.  WIN!

I'm not too sure about the Polka Favorites or Lawrence Welk, though.

Thanks for the Christmas presents, Mom, you know I love them all.  I do wish there was a Jimmie Foxx ball in there, though.  Maybe I scored enough points with Dad's gift, maybe he will buy me one for New Year's.

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