Friday, December 5, 2014

Black Friday COMC Pickups - Chris Davis Bowman Parallels

I was the winner of one of COMC's Black Friday shopping sprees.  A whopping $5, but it was $5 I didn't have the day before.  I took advantage of my luck and grabbed up a couple Chris Davis parallels that I needed for 2014 Bowman.  The first one is a yellow parallel numbered 90/99.  This card looks really cool when scanned to my laptop, so I'm enjoying it at the moment.  Something about bright, vivid colors.  Kind of improves my mood a bit, I think.
The green parallel that I got is numbered 87/150 and also looks nice.  Not quite as sharp as the yellow, but still nice, nonetheless.

I plan on getting a few more of the parallels, when I can.  Probably after the holidays are over and things calm down around here.

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