Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas From Max - Chris Davis Game Used 2014 Topps Mini

One of the things I am most thankful for since I started trading on Instagram a year ago is the fact that I have met so many new friends while offloading a bunch of stuff.  One of the people I have met on there that I have formed a real great friendship with is my buddy, Max.  He's so young, but conducts himself as if he were 20 years older.  Max and I talk almost every day, and we can complete a trade really fast.

Max went above and beyond with what he sent me for Christmas.  I got a huge pile of Orioles cards that I need to go through and see if I need them for my PCs.  He also sent me a few vintage Hall of Famers that I will hoard til I start on those sets.

One of the biggest pieces that Max sent was this game used bat card of Chris Davis from 2014 Topps Mini.  I didn't have this card yet, and I was really happy when I saw it.  I can now add it to my spreadsheet!

I'm really grateful that Max thought of me when he was picking up Christmas gifts, because I know money is tight for him.  The thought is definitely what counts, and he scored big time!

Thanks so much Max, for the cards, and most of all, for your friendship.

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