Monday, December 9, 2013

Deja-vu All Over Again

Wow, this post looks an awful lot like the one I posted last night.  Well, kind of, except for the retro Topps Logo in the top left corner of the 2010 Chris Davis card that I have pictured.  This is the Topps Target parallel, before the Target cards were red.  What I also like about these is that Topps used the old-type cardboard on these throwback cards.  I fondly remember searching boxes upon boxes of cardboard, specifically looking for the 'gray' cardboard since it signified older Topps, which I was hoarding in order to build starter sets for later set building projects.

I have almost built every year of Topps set that has the grayish-brown type cardboard (starting in 1971 and ending with 1991), I no longer use it as my visual guide when looking at boxes of cards at shows.  I now look for specific things as opposed to partial sets.

I do miss that old gray cardboard, though.  I'm not one for the new slick stuff and please don't get me started on the over-glossed mid 90s stuff (that, incidentally, sticks together and makes the packs and sets pretty much worthless).

As you can tell, I picked up quite a few variations of Davis's 2010 Topps card.  By my count, I have 2 more to show.  Stay tuned!

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