Thursday, December 5, 2013

COMC Pickup - 2012 Topps Chris Davis Mini

I didn't think I got any mail today since I saw the mail person drive away and there was nothing in my mail box.  Then, when we were leaving for Cub Scouts, I saw her driving back down our street as if she had forgot something.  Long story short, I just now remembered this, 4 hours later, ran outside and saw that I finally had some mail.

Anyway, this post is not about that mail.  That mail was Christmas presents from COMC that I will be packaging up to send out to a couple bloggers.

This post is about the 2012 Topps Mini Chris Davis that I got off of COMC a month or so ago.  You know, because I still have 10 or so cards from that purchase left and I want to make sure I have stuff to blog about up until the Christmas presents come in.

So, here is the 2012 Topps Mini Davis that I got.  Thing is, I'm pretty sure my friend, Ryan, sent me this card already, but I am so bad about keeping up with what I have, I went ahead and bought this one with my store credit.  Oh well, here it is anyway.  I hope you guys enjoyed it.

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