Sunday, December 22, 2013

Card Show Rookie Card Pickups

One thing I was looking for, or one type of thing, rather, was picking up some notable rookie cards for my collection.  At the card show, I was able to do just that.  I got several copies of a couple rookies with the intention of keeping one of each for myself and flipping the rest on for a small profit.  That should tell you that I got these pretty cheaply.

I remember when the above Mark McGwire and below Roger Clemens rookie cards were really expensive.  $50 each, if I remember correctly.  My how the mighty have fallen.  I got each of them for a few bucks each.  I got two copies of each card.  I already had one of each in my 85 set and now I have one each to put with my notable rookies.
Each card I got is in really good shape.  If I were into it, I would consider shipping a couple off to be graded.  However, I really don't care for grading cards, so they will stay in top loaders in my collection.
One card I found really cheap and am unable to explain why was the Kirby Puckett RC.  It was the same price as the Clemens and McGwire.  Oh well, I took advantage.  I already had an additional Puckett RC, so the two I added at the show are sale able or trade able.  They look good and I enjoy the retro Twins uniform.
This card I was able to get for $10.  A 1962 Topps Joe Torre RC.  This one if strictly for my RC collection and not for sale or trade.

I was looking for this specific card before I even embarked on the card show trip and was glad to find it at a reasonable price early on.

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