Monday, December 23, 2013

Card Show Pickup - 1969 Topps Set Needs

I only picked up two cards each for my 1959 and 1969 sets when I was at the card show.  Today, I'll show you the '69s.  First up is the above Catfish Hunter card that I got.  That's a really young Catfish in the old school A's jersey.
The other 69 Topps I got was this Lou Piniella RC.  It's kind of funny how many manager RCs are in this set.  So far I have picked up the Bobby Cox, Earl Weaver and Piniella RCs.  Not bad.  I got both of these cards together for around $5, so that was really good.  I got them around the same time I got the Torre RC, but I think this was from one or two tables down from there.  I just now noticed that the Piniella RC is from the Seattle Pilots.  That's pretty cool, too.

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