Sunday, December 8, 2013

COMC Pickup - 2010 Topps Chris Davis

Continuing right along with my COMC batch, here is a 2010 Topps Chris Davis that I picked up.  I'm certain I had this card at some point, but it probably was sent off in a trade to some Rangers fans.  Or, I could have sold it with my bulk 2010 stuff at a show.  I'm not sure.  Anyhow, I picked this one up off of COMC dirt cheap, so I'm glad to have it in my collection again.

I mailed out some Christmas packages to a couple fellow bloggers and i have a couple more that I want to ship, hopefully tomorrow.  I am done with the two Secret Santas I signed up for, the one with Crackin' Wax and the other with Weston.  I hope to also have those mailed out tomorrow.

Some of the lower end items have been moving from my COMC page.  I'm very glad to see these things sell off.  Please, everyone, take a look at my page and buy some last minute Christmas gifts for friends or family, or even yourself.  I've got some good deals on there and when you buy something, you help me add future items to post on this blog.  It's a win-win!

The link to my COMC page is posted at the top of my blog.

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