Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas From Weston

Weston, from the blog Fantastic Catch, was kind enough to send along a Christmas package of Orioles stuff, which I received a couple days ago.  In it was the above 2007 UD Ultimate America's Pastime Brian Roberts relic.  The card is numbered to 75.  I like how the colors scanned, it really is a sharp looking card.  Also, to answer a question both Andrew and Weston asked, yes, I did need this card in my Roberts PC.  This will probably be the last card I add to my Roberts PC for some time.  My wounds have to still heal from him signing with the Yankees.
Another card that Weston sent was one that has been on my Wishlist for quite a while now, the 2009 Bowman Chrome Refractor Nolan Reimold.  He also sent some other sweet Orioles, but I didn't have time to scan them all.

Speaking of my wishlist, I took the time yesterday, at the urging of both Andrew and Weston, to add a top 10 to my page.  They're attainable cards, nothing like the 1952 Mantle, or T-206 Wagner.  Most everything on the top 10 will be had by me at some point.  Just keep an eye out!

Thanks for the Christmas present, Weston!  I enjoyed it, as I hope you enjoyed yours!

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