Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Package From Nick

 Nick from the amazing blog "Baseball Dimebox" sent me a package that I got today.  There were a ton of Orioles in it, several of which I needed for various PCs.  The above Jim Palmer Boyhood Photos of the Stars card is especially nice (since I completely forgot it existed!).  the amazing thing about this card is the Palmer's hair hasn't changed after all these years!
Another card I really liked (I liked them all, but I can't scan them all) was this one that I had never seen before.  This is a Sunoco Dream Team card of Bob Feller and Lou Boudreau.  It is a surprise addition to my Feller PC.

Nick has a really good eye for the "Diamond In the Rough", if you will, which is one of the many great parts of his blog.  Nick's ability to find something cool about any card is something I really try to use in my card shopping adventures as well.

Thanks for the package, Nick!

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