Tuesday, December 11, 2012

COMC Pickup - 1970 Fleer World Series #27: 1930

Here is another really cool card that I picked up from COMC the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  This is a 1970 Fleer World Series #27 - 1930 A's vs Cardinals card.
The 1930 World Series is special to me, mainly because it is the only World Series for which I have held the actual corresponding championship ring.  I was afforded the opportunity by the generosity of the son of one of the 1930 Philadelphia A's.
The 1930 World Series pitted the AL Champion Philadelphia A's who were 102-52 against the NL Champion St. Louis Cardinals who were 92-62.  Philadelphia won the series 4 games to 2.

Future Hall of Famers for the 1930 A's included: Manager - Connie Mack, Catcher - Mickey Cochrane, First Baseman - Jimmie Foxx, Outfielder - Al Simmons, Player/Coach - Eddie Collins and Pitcher Lefty Grove.

Future Hall of Famers for the 1930 Cardinals included: First Baseman - Jim Bottomley, Second Baseman - Frankie Frisch, Pitcher - Jesse Haines, Pitcher - Burleigh Grimes and a 20-year old rookie pitcher named Jay Hanna (Dizzy) Dean.

I got this card for $2.50, even though supposed BV is $1.50.  I didn't care, I thought it would be a cool addition to my Eric McNair and/or Jimmie Foxx PCs.

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