Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy 95th Birthday, Virgil Trucks!

Today marks Virgil Trucks' 95th birthday.  I hope that everyone who reads this blog takes a minute and sends Mr. Trucks some birthday wishes.  He is probably the best TTM signer out there and a darn good fellow as well.
For his birthday, I sent him a card with a long letter, plus a little something for his church.  I thought about sending something for him as well, but I struggled with what exactly I would send.  So, I decided that it would be a good idea to just send something in his honor to his church.  He has definitely been good to me and to Chris, so we wanted to return the favor as best we could.  I even had Chris sign the card.

So, Happy Birthday, Mr. Trucks, and I hope you see many more!


A2 Wolverine said...

Couldn't agree more! Out of all of the autos I have his definitely one of my favorites. Happy birthday Mr. Trucks.

Ryan H said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Trucks!

John Sharp said...

Happy Birthday "FIRE" Trucks.

Unknown said...

That nice of you!

Ryan said...

Well put, my friend!

Happy Birthday indeed, Mr. Trucks!